January 13, 2010

Healthcare rant

So the other day I ordered some diabetes supplies. My insurance coverage is pretty good, and covers this kind of stuff (I'd hate to think of how bad it would be without insurance! Not only would I be paying price out of pocket, but I'd be paying the FULL price, not the stupid "negotiated accepted payment in full" baloney that goes on...)

I knew I would hit my deductible already, no big deal there, that's planned for in the FSA.

The supplier called me this morning to tell me that my deductible had gone up -- instead of $500, it was $1000. Yikes, big difference, and totally not planned for -- we're supposed to have the same coverage as last year. Disturbed, I checked with our HR department and was told that the numbers had definitely NOT changed, and she confirmed that I was in the system as an individual plan, not a family plan (for which the deductible WOULD be $1000).

So I called back the provider to find out what was up. "Someone" had fed wrong information into the system. My insurance is specifically a $500 deductible, then 90% coverage, for in-network providers (this provider IS in network). For out-of-network care, it's a $1000 deductible and 70% coverage. The data entered into their system? $1000 deductible, 90% coverage. "Kind of in network"? "Family" instead of "individual" coverage? (The more likely mistake, but still not correct!)

But in the meantime, that first order was already billed at the incorrect numbers. Lots of on-hold time later, it's supposedly all been corrected. We'll see...


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