November 8, 2009

Ye Gods!

So this morning was the first real run to the Market District for grocery shopping.

I had to park down by Panera Bread (for those of you who aren't local or haven't checked out the Settler's Ridge plaza yet, that's far...)

The place was PACKED. Fortunately, since we'd already done a "scouting trip" and I grabbed one of the cool little 2-tier carts (they're REALLY zippy and maneuverable compared to a "regular" cart, while having more space than a basket), I was in and out pretty quickly since I knew exactly what I needed and where I was headed.

One thing I spotted that we'd missed on Friday night, while I was grabbing mushrooms, was truffles! I don't know how often we'd be getting something like that, but it was neat to see. We stocked up on canned crab meat, frozen crab legs and lobster tails (mmmm!), and dry pasta since we have an insane number of great coupons ($5 off a $10 seafood purchase? Sure, thanks!) and their prices are really good to drum up interest ($7 off each said can of crab, for example).

Not that they really need the sale to get bodies in the store right now. Sheesh...


Yum Yum said...

I am looking forward to the crab and lobster meals!

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