November 6, 2009

About damn time!

So we braved the crowds to check out our new Giant Eagle Market District tonight. Once the stupid crowds die down (if ever), it's going to be really cool having such a nice grocery store so close to home (we timed it -- literally 2 minutes 30 seconds from their parking lot to our driveway (but then when we went it took about 10 just to find a parking spot!))

I'll let my lovely fiance go into more detail, but I wanted to comment quickly on the beer sales. Yes, 6-packs of beer for sale in a supermarket in Pennsylvania. Welcome to the post-Prohibition era, PA!

Prices and selection aren't bad, either. It's not as cheap as by the case at a distributor, but it's less than the typical mix-n-match stores. For someone like me who only drinks occasionally and gets tired of drinking the same thing over and over, it's great.


Whitney said...

How awesome! You and the future wife have blogs! I'm going to need to pressure Jared into starting one now!

And I see you blog about Xbox. That is right up his ally!

GregLeg said...

You know, that reminds me that I never posted that I DID replace the XBox :)

Yum Yum said...

Note: FoodBurgh tried buying a 6-pack and turns out no beer sales after 9 pm.

GregLeg said...

Yeah, you have to make the beer purchases only at the "restaurant" registers, which close at 9pm.

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